Nature Merit Badge

An online virtual merit badge provided by the Narragansett Council - Boy Scouts of America

The Nature Merit Badge combines a Scouts desire to go outdoors with useful knowledge about plant life and animals. Scouts have the opportunity to choose and identify the forms of nature that interest them most, from reptiles and amphibians to mollusks and crustaceans. Nature Merit Badge is not too challenging, but allows Scouts to think and learn about parts of nature and ecology that they may have never been previously exposed to.

Learn about nature in the world around us by watching these short informative videos!

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Love watching turtles dive into the water from a rock during the summer! But it's cold out now, so what do turtles this video to see how turtles survive the winter!

Ever seen a hummingbird and just been amazed and left in awe? Check out this awesome National Geographic video that brings this natural phenomenon into slow motion.

Interested in the role that bees play in the world around us? Bees do more than you think! Check out this video to see what bees are all about!