Nature Merit Badge

An online virtual merit badge provided by the Narragansett Council - Boy Scouts of America


Need help figuring out what type or species of tree you have? Use the Arbor Day Foundations Tree Identification!

There are tons of different types and kinds of rocks, but they are all one of the 3 major types of rock!

Birds fly fast, but the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has the Merlin bird identification app - works best on a mobile device.

Scared of snakes, but more scared about identifying them? Reptiles and amphibians are easier to identify than you think!

Hate it when an insect or spider run across the floor? Well you can ask it nicely not to do that when you know what it is!

Can't seem to identify the fish that is staring you in the eyes? Swim into your app store and download the FishVerify app and begin identifying fish with a photo!