Nature Merit Badge

An online virtual merit badge provided by the Narragansett Council - Boy Scouts of America

Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Meeting is the platform in which the virtual nature merit badge will be taking place. Zoom allows for audio and video calling ideal for virtual learning, but not just through lectures but Zoom allows for collaboration and the use of visual aids through video streaming. You do not need a Zoom account to attend our Zoom meeting, but login with a code is required.

If you are unsure how to join a Zoom Meeting or it is your first time, check out the video or read the Zoom frequently asked questions.

This virtual merit badge is not only open to scout in the Narragansett Council, but any scout no matter geographic location! Registration for the classes is only $25 and is all inclusive. So long as a Scout attends both one hour sessions and completes the out of class requirements, they will receive the completed nature merit badge.

The Zoom Meeting Link for our virtual meeting will be emailed out from the Narragansett Council. Be sure to take time to test your audio and video settings prior to the beginning of class. A stable WiFi connection will ensure a quality experience.